This Family Might Be The Worst Set Of Contestants To Ever Appear On ‘Family Feud’

A couple of weeks ago we shared one of the most frustratingly hilarious contestants in the history of Family Feud.

This woman, Sheila, couldn’t get it through her head that the answer she was giving was already up on the board despite trying to pronounce it about 100 different ways.


Brutal (yet funny as shit), right?

Well, it turns out that she isn’t only one who struggled mightily as that episode of Family Feud finally aired and dear God, she isn’t the only one in the Patterson family that struggled mightily.

Watch Cecilia do just almost poorly as Sheila when asked, “What’s the best way for a shy guy to meet women?”

I just pity Steve Harvey sometimes.

But wait, Sheila wasn’t done yet, nor was her husband. They still had more questions to answer – and fail at.

The question? “Name something chickens do that you’d feel pretty silly doing.”

“Quack quack?” Really?

Yet despite ALL OF THIS they still somehow WON!

Here’s their Fast Money round. It goes about how one would expect after seeing how they did during the regular portion of the game.

Oh, one more thing, here’s the version of Sheila’s “Mother” Q & A with Steve Harvey that actually ended up making the show…


Isn’t there some kind of tryout you have to pass to be on Family Feud or do they let just any family that applies play? After seeing this I am thinking that it actually might be the latter. Then again, they did win so how bad was the other family?


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