10 Songs You Need To Know For Mysteryland 2015



With Mysteryland 2015 quickly approaching and tickets selling at breakneck speed (click HERE to grab your own tickets before they run out), we here at BroBible.com thought it’d be helpful for all the festival virgins out there if we went ahead and threw out 10 songs that you can expect to hear this coming Memorial Day Weekend. No one likes being that one person in the crowd looking around awkwardly thinking “I’ve never heard this song before and I have no idea how the beat goes?” while everyone else rages around them, so let’s cut the chit-chat and get started.

1. Kygo – Firestone (Ft. Conrad)

“Firestone” is Kygo’s first original song that isn’t a remix which means you’re more than likely to hear it at least once during his set at Mysteryland. Smooth, chilled out and relaxing tropical house is what Kygo is all about, so if you’re planning on dropping by his set be sure to know the word to this song since the crowd will definitely be singing along with it once it drops.


2. Porter Robinson – Divinity (Ft. Amy Millan)

Porter Robinson live is one set you don’t want to miss, especially since he’s known for “avant-garde” EDM in terms of performance and sound. Even if he’s not your style — and he’s not for everyone — everyone will be talking about what he played regardless.


3. Robin Schulz – Sun Goes Down (Ft. Jasmine Thompson)

Robin Schulz is a little difficult to define. While he’s had major radio play for his remixes, many consider him to be “deep house” despite said remixes not really falling into that category. Regardless, his set will be a mash-up of everything you like about deep house and one you’ll 100% regret missing.


4. Madeon – Pay No Mind (Ft. Passion Pit)

Although Madeon is only 20 years old he’s already made a big splash in the EDM scene, known best for his remix of “The Island” by Pendulum his mash up “Pop Culture.” That was all back in 2010 though, and since then he’s gone onto bigger and better things by producing his own solo tracks that are upbeat and full of that pop-energy everyone knows and loves. I mean for chrissake Passion Pit is on this track. What’s not to love about Passion Pit ESPECIALLY when combined with Madeon? Answer: nothing.


5. Diplo & Skrillex – Beats Knockin (F. Fly Boi Keno)

We know, we know – this is a Jack U track, not solely Diplo. It doesn’t matter though. Why? Because Diplo will more likely than not still weave “Beats Knockin” in throughout his set just as a built-in hype machine for the crowd. You’ll probably hear “Take U There” too at some point, but everyone knows that song so we thought it would be best to throw in that ONE song everyone’s heard but don’t necessarily know.


6. Dillon Francis & KSHMR – Clouds (Ft. Becky G)

Dillon Francis has been really carving a name for himself in the EDM world by showing versatility in his music, particularly in his new album Money Sucks, Friends Rule. You can tell by the variety of melodies in this track that you’ll most likely hear bits and pieces of it mixed into sets throughout Mysteryland’s weekend.


7. ETC!ETC! – High

Dude. It’s ETC!ETC!, what more could you ask for than pure trap?


8. TJR – Ass Hypnotized (Ft. Dance With White Girls)

Listen to this track for 45 seconds and you’ll realize that even if TJR doesn’t play it you’ll hear it at least once at one of the trap stages during Mysteryland.


9. GRiZ – Funk Party

GRiZ is truly an “up and coming” name in the EDM world, known for weaving saxophone melodies throughout his tracks and mixing them in his future-funk style. If you haven’t heard of him by now, you will when you notice that every other stage at Mysteryland is empty during his set because everyone’s flocked to watch him.


10. Gent & Jawns – Kings

This song is a trap classic, like how Bambi is a Disney classic. You can’t go to a trap set and not hear this song, so why not brush up on it a little bit?


Oh, and if all of that wasn’t enough then check out the trailer for Mysteryland, because not only will it blow your mind but it’ll make you wish it was Memorial Day Weekend already:

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