3 New Kid Cudi Songs Point Toward ‘Indicud’ Being One of the Albums of the Year

I miss the excitement of that record. That thrill was there on “Man on the Moon,” but its album's best tracks were already on “A Kid Named Cudi.” It wasn't there on “Man on the Moon II,” an album from an artist so plagued down in self-questioning and moodiness that he never came up for air (i.e. creating a track that didn't make you want to slit your wrists).

And it certainly wasn't there on “WZRD” either, which made a strong case that some artists maybe shouldn't quit drugs.

But you should be REALLY pumped by what we've heard so far from “Indicud.” We're looking at vintage Cudi here. 

This first track, “Just What Iam” was released way back in October. 

Then there was December's “King Wizard”:

And today brought “Immortal,” which is my favorite of the three.

Good, good signs from April 23's “Indicud.” Get excited.

[H/T: Complex]