17-Year-Old Aspiring Rapper Records His First Single From His Mom’s Basement, Is A Genuine Rap Prodigy

A-F-R-O is a 17-year-old aspiring rapper with an extremely unique voice and mind as quick as any I’ve ever seen. Roughly 13 months ago I brought you video of A-F-R-O freestyling, and a year later I’m back to share his first ever music video for his single ‘Code #829′.

He has a prodigious flow, his lyrics are well beyond what you might expect to hear from a 17-year-old, and I think the thing that gets me the most about A-F-R-O is how he maintains the demeanor of a much older man, or someone who’s lived a complete life and now feels the need to share it with the world.

What he lacks in life experience he makes up for in talent, because this kid is killin’ it. The music video you see above (for ‘Code #829’) is just one track off of ‘Tales From The Basement’, A-F-R-O’s mixtape that he recorded from the basement at his mother’s house. And the mixtape which you can stream here. That mixtape features 7 tracks, all of which deserve a listen.

And here he is in ‘Uncharted: The Power of Dreams’, an UPROXX original:

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