This Off The Head Freestyle From 17-Year-Old Rapper A-F-R-O Just Melted My Mind



Some people have a way with words, other people not have way. Here we see a rising star in the rap game, A-F-R-O, dropping one of the sickest off the head freestyles you’ll ever see as a response to people calling him out for rehearsing.

A few days prior to this video R.A. The Rugged Man dropped a video of A-F-R-O on his YouTube channel and everyone said it was too good, that it had to be rehearsed, and that no 17-year-old could ever freestyle like that. So as a response R.A. The Rugged Man just dropped this off the head freestyle featuring A-F-R-O and HOLY $HIT this 17-year-old just melted my mindhole. So badass.

H/T HotNewHipHop


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