Attila Drops Video For ‘Rebel’ And One Listen Will Get You More Fired Up Than 4/20

Fresh off the announcement that they’ll be joining the 2015 Van’s Warped Tour for the third year in a row, metalcore band Attila drops their new video for Rebel of their hit album Guilty Pleasure.

Debuting exclusively on BroBible, Fronzak, Linck, Blehm, and Heenan storm a high school for this hilarious and unforgettable video. The video finds the boys commandeering a high school and turning every student, both male and female, into fans, Attila-style! Think Girls Gone Wild mashed up with Revenge of the Nerds. This video just might change your mind or your perception about Attila.

We had the chance to talk to frontman Chris “Fronz” Fronzak back when Guilty Pleasure was released and he promised the videos for this album were going to be “like nothing fans have ever seen.” You didn’t think that Attila would be conventional, now did you?

Guilty Pleasure is available for purchase via iTunes, Amazon  and MerchNow.

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