A Fan Got On Stage With Keith Urban, Grabbed His Guitar, And Shredded Like A Goddamn Rock Star

Even if you don’t like Keith Urban’s music you’re going to love this story. Some bro at a Keith Urban concert last weekend was pulled up onto stage by Keith himself after a sign held by the bro’s girlfriend convinced Keith to choose this particular fan from the crowd. Once on stage the bro saddled on Keith Urban’s guitar and began to shred. This wasn’t planned ahead of time, it wasn’t rehearsed, it was just one bro fulfilling his lifelong dream of wailing on his axe in front of an enormous concert crowd.

Like I said above, this is pretty awesome stuff even if you’re not a fan of Keith Urban‘s music. I’m not a big fan of Keith myself but I did go see him in concert last month in Tampa, Florida. I mostly went with friends because I was promised ‘pre-gaming in a party bus’ only to have the party bus driver show up in a Yukon, claiming that the A/C had broken and this was the next best thing. Anyways, the concert was good (not great). I’m sure it would’ve been better if I was closer to the stage and not up on the lawn like some sort of plebeian, but it was nice to catch a show at the Mid-Florida Credit Union Amphitheater, formerly the 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheater, otherwise known as the concert venue with the worst goddamn names in America.

If you’re wondering why I’m talking about this venue so much it’s obviously a segue into a story of the last time I was there, for a Dave Matthews Band concert back in 2007 just before I moved to NYC. Someone won a ‘Darwin Award’ that night, an award given for an act of such stupidity that you effectively remove yourself from the gene pool. You can read the full story of that Darwin Award recipient here, but below are the spark’s notes:

They run a hundred yards through wet grass and jump a six-foot fence that borders the road. Ahead are 3 lanes of freeway traffic, a 100′ median, and another 4 lanes of traffic. Beyond that is another six-foot fence, the maze of an ‘under construction’ garage, and a long hike around a casino.

Trying to beat traffic by running across a crowded highway while it’s raining so hard cars cannot see out their windshields is NEVER advisable. If you’ve ever driven in Florida during the Summer you know what kind of rain I’m talking about.

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