Watch Dave Matthews Repeatedly Get Slapped By Brian Calhoun In Their Never-Ending Slap Fight

Bro-Rock god Dave Matthews is knee-deep a never ending slap fight with Brian Calhoun of Rockbridge guitars.

One thing that jam band fans LOVE to talk about is what guitar the lead guitarist is playing. I know this isn’t something specific to the jam band community, but that’s the genre I’m most familiar with so it’s the one I’m able to talk about most competently.

When I first started going to Phish shows back in 2003 I think I learned what guitar the lead guitarist Trey Anastasio was playing loonnnngggggggggg before I ever even learned the names of most of the songs I was hearing.

Why am I talking about this? Well, Dave Matthews (of the eponymous band) plays three different Rockbridge guitars on stage. He strums a Rockbridge SJ Custom Acoustic Guitar, Rockbridge 000 Custom Acoustic Guitar, and a Rockbridge 12 Fret 000 Custom High B Acoustic Guitar. Needless to say he spends A LOT of time at the Rockbridge studios/factories working with the staff.

So it seems reasonable that over the years he’d have grown close with some of the staff, and he has. So close in fact that one of the staff members has been repeatedly slapping him in the face for what seems like a decade. Rockbridge staffer Brian Calhoun and Dave Matthews have been slapping each other over and over and over for quite some time, and thankfully for us a large portion of it has been caught on tape. So without further ado, here’s Dave Matthews repeatedly getting slapped in the face over and over and over again:

tip of the hat to Relix Magazine for finding and sharing this video

And one more in GIF:

But the slaps go both ways…Dave gets his licks in too:


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