This Amazing Video Shows the Difference Between Actual DJs and Those Who Just ‘Push Play’

Watch DJ Shiftee perform a standout scratch routine in a New York warehouse — with Traktor Kontrol Z2 and Maschine. On the Z2, Shiftee works it with Remix Decks, post-fader effects, and Traktor Pro’s new Macro FX and Flux Mode. He also shows how he uses Maschine to control the same Remix Decks and cue points set up on the Z2, making it the ultimate performance partner to the world’s first 2+2 control mixer.

In other news, I am slowly turning into our site's resident EDM cultural commentator. Who knew? Always Be Chaying, a friend of the site who spent the first two months of me working here blasting Adrian Lux on loop and singing the same three lines of “Teenage Crime” for hours on end, would be proud. (Dude don't sleep when the sun goes down.) 

[H/T: That New Jam]