This Tiny Dog Would Tear Eminem To Shreds In A Speed Rap Battle

Eminem’s got nothing on this little Yorkshire Terrier when it comes to speed rapping. In fact, if this lil pup and Eminem were to face off on a speed rap battle Marshall Mathers would get smoked and sent walking back to the other side of 8 Mile.

This rapping Yorkie first took off yesterday on Reddit and has since gone on to garner nearly half a million view on YouTube, and this is THE ONLY DOG worth seeing on the Internet in the past 48-hours. But back to this dog being able to destroy Eminem in a rap battle…Watch that video above, then watch this video below of Eminem’s fastest rap…Watch that dog’s jaw and know that the tiny pup would wipe the floor with Shady:

Advantage: Yorkie.