Drake And French Montana Created Their Own Version Of The Bro Code Called ‘The 10 Snipe Commandments’

There is nothing more sacred to a Bro than abiding by the rules of the Bro code. Everyone knows it, everyone lives by it. If you don’t, you’re guilty of conduct unbecoming to a Bro and deserve to take a lap before getting your Bro card back.

French Montana and Drake have their own version of Bro code and they call it “the snipe commandments.” French Montana has a crocheted version framed in his house, which he threw up on Instagram over the weekend. There’s a couple Bro code gems to live by, including:

  • “Thou Shall Always Lie To Protect a Brother’s Reputation Or Chance Of A Splash Conversation In The Near Or Distant Future.”
  • “Thou Shall Always Be Honest With His Brother About A Splash.”
  • “Thou Shall Never Tell A Ting About Another Man’s Splash In Order To Execute His Own Splash.”
  • “Thou Shall Always Provide Splash Accommodations For A Brother Within His Household.”

I hope you’re smart enough to realize what a “splash” is. Like, I don’t have to spell that out, right?



On a similar note, here’s a good throwback to this Bro’s 10 Bromandments from last year. 

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