Did EDM Group Krewella Kick Trindl Out Because He Doesn’t Party Anymore?



It looks like Krewella is finally breaking up, at least, not entirely. Today TMZ is reporting that Krewella’s producer Kristopher Trindl is suing both sisters — including his ex-girlfrien — for allegedly excluded him from their show dates and upcoming music. Their reason? Trindl’s soberness and signs of depression.

Also known as “Rain Man,” Trindl was recently dismissed from rehab and doesn’t party as much as he used to when him and Jahan were dating back in 2010. He is the lone male of the group that has been an integral part of Krewella’s successful brand, but the legal documents about Rainman $7 million lawsuit have surfaced, which indicate that the end of Krewella as a trio is near. Jahan and Yasmine have continued to tour these past several months leaving Rainman off their fliers and posters. The only question that remains with Krewella’s sophomore album due out this year is will the music that drove their name into international popularity be the same without their star producer?

Read the lawsuit here…