Bro Sneaks Fake CDs Into Local Music Store And These Album Covers Are The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Hilarious Fake Album Covers Obvious Plant


Here we’ve got some next level IRL (in real life) trolling, and I love everything it. This dude snuck into a local music shop after printing out some asinine CD covers and left them planted throughout the store for people to find.

If this type of pranks seems familiar, it’s from the ObviousPlant Tumblr, the same site/prankster behind the ‘AirBNB Guest Book From Florida‘ filled with all of the outrageous reasons people decided to vacation in the Sunshine State:

Humorist Jeff Wysaski has been pulling pranks for years. Several years ago, back when myself and a few other guys first started, Jeff was one of our first (and funniest) freelancers. These days, Jeff stays busy by publishing on his websites Pleated-Jeans and ObviousPlant. If you like to laugh then you should be frequenting those websites.

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