‘Friday’ Mastermind Patrice Wilson Yet Again Raises the Bar with New Worst Song Ever Made

I'm only posting this cause I'm assuming everyone will click, and then hate this. That it'll that to get such a resounding thumbs down, the validity of the whole thing is shot to hell. Except that this will never happen, because views = money/ some degree of fame, which means other people see that views = money/some degree of fame. Which means that Patrice Wilson, maker of shitty videos, is now a thing that's making money and being talked about, which means that we have to post and give our two cents. This gives Patrice Wilson more views, therefore giving him more money/some degree of fame. Sure I could not post this, but then less traffic. And nobody wants that.  

So basically, it's a lose-lose game we're playing. The fact that this is a video of 12 year-olds barely masking a raging cocaine habit may be the most tolerable aspect of this whole thing. Blame everyone. 

[H/T: Daily Wh.at]