‘I Bet You That I’m Higher Than A Kite’ — Grandparents Go To Bonnaroo For Their 1st Time (Video)

It’s already been a full week since the 2015 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival wrapped up, but Funny or Die just dropped this video of 5 elderly people (all grandparents) experiencing the music festival for their very first time. The resulting footage is obviously hilarious, as festival life and the bands + people at Bonnaroo as about as foreign to these old people as Russians were during the Cold War. They were also exhausted by the 4-day festival held in Manchester, Tennessee that brings in over 80,000 attendees annually. Old man ‘Denny’ didn’t even make it to the exit breakfast with the other septuagenarians, remarking that dancing at Bonnaroo was “a lot more intense than the 18 holes of golf he plays every day.”

“Yah I got a whiff. I guess that is mary jane, right? I bet that you I’m higher than a kite when I walk home tonight.” — the old lady at Bonnaroo who just became my hero.

That quote made me reflect so fondly on all of the shenanigans you could get into when walking back to your camp site from the late night shows. I remember the time I bumped into a guy who told me he wanted to ‘show me his art’ and ended up busting out a CD case with huge sheets of LSD printed. He was trying to sell ‘his art’ and by ‘his art’ I mean he was trying to sell ungodly amounts of acid. That’s the sort of person you meet on your nightly walk back to your campground at Bonnaroo. I can only hope these 70-year-old’s had similar experiences that didn’t make the final cut of this video…

[via FunnyOrDie]