This Dude Lip Syncing In The Car With His Unimpressed Mom Is One Of The Best Things I’ve Seen In Weeks

I think the reason this is so good is because that dude is in the passenger seat, working his ass off at lip syncing, and his mom’s driving and couldn’t give two flying shits about what he’s up to. At no point does she even begin to crack a smile or show any signs of comprehending what’s happening in the seat next to her. The only time she even flinches is when her son is shaking his ass in her face and then she only makes a move to shut off the camera. He’s trying SO HARD to elicit any reaction from her and she’s just as unimpressed as the first time he brought home an A- on his report card.

Until this morning I wasn’t familiar with this dude’s YouTube channel, Moretoki (his name’s Motoki), but apparently these lip syncing supercuts are something that he’s done in the past and it appears that he’s got a real penchant for disappointing his mother and failing to make her laugh on the regular.

(via r/videos)

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