Some Genius Tried To Climb On To Kanye West’s Floating Stage, Amazingly Did Not Succeed

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Kanye West performs on a pretty amazing floating stage during his on-going Saint Pablo Tour.

Check it out below. It’s actually a very cool and unique idea Yeezy came up with here.

Of course it was only a matter of time before some super smart individual decided to try to hop up there with Kanye, right? Welp, that finally took place last night.

Man, I can’t believe he didn’t make it.

Of course, as the person who posted the video below knows, Kanye is a Jedi so this fan’s efforts were doomed to fail…

According to NBC News

“Everyone just kind of turned and looked at each other like, ‘did that really just happen?'” said Chase Brown, 19, who attended the concert and shared a video of the incident on social media. “But the show continued and not much was said about it. The overall show was great, Kanye put on a great show.”

Brown said he does not believe the fan was hurt.

Here’s another look at just how close he came…

Oh well. Good try, good effort, buddy.

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