Viral Video ‘Hey, Y’all Got A Cigarette’ Gets Turned Into The Hottest EDM Track Of The Month

Last month’s best viral video was ‘Y’all got a cigarette?’, and because nothing on the Internet is truly immortalized until it’s been auto-tuned or remixed into a song, this month ‘Hey, y’all gotta cigarette? Music Remix’ has dropped and it’s quickly becoming the hottest EDM track of the month.

Back in the early days of YouTube all it took to get a million hits was a vertically-shot video of someone falling down the stairs or your kid all jacked up on drugs after the dentist, but the game has changed. These days in order to see success on YouTube you need a hook. In order to see a million hits on your video you need something shocking, offensive, or terrifying (or all the above)…That, or you need to buy a new puppy, because everyone will click a video of an adorable puppy.

You can still go ‘viral’ if you shoot a vertical video instead of horizontal, but you should be flogged for incompetence. But even after you’ve reached your first million views the only way you’re going to see that ‘second wave of heat’ is if someone comes along and turns your video into the hottest EDM track of the month. Such is what happened to ‘Hey, Y’all Got A Cigarette’, and now it’s right back on track to getting 10,20, even 100 million views. This epic creation came to us by way of Bombs Away Music.

Here’s the original, in case you missed it:

P.s., anyone know where I can purchase that awesome Reba McEntire shirt?