Hoodie Allen’s ‘Act My Age’ Is The Ultimate Song About Partying After College

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Hoodie Allen

The newest album from Hoodie Allen, People Keep Talking, drops next month. Its release marks Hoodie’s first full length album since All American came out in 2012. A couple tracks off the album, “Dumb For You” and “Movie” came out previously as Hoodie rolls the album out and today, Hoodie Allen brings us the LP’s third single that is also a music video.

The song entitled “Act My Age” is a wicked party jam from Hoodie Allen where he sticks to his story-telling raps, delivering an ode to never growing up. A song about partying and having fun, the music video features Hoodie Allen navigating his way through a frat party. When it gets broken up by police, they switch location to backyard rager with hot chicks in swim suits, and old people dancing.

Check out Hoodie Allen’s music video for “Act My Age” and pre-order People Keep Talking out on 10/14. Enjoy!