Iggy Azalea Thinks A Fan Is About To Compliment Her, Instead He Torches Her For Sucking At Music

Iggy Azalea has had a bit of rough go for, oh, about the last year or so.

Just this year her album appears to have flopped before even being released, she and Nick Young broke up – not very amicably either it would appear, and she had a giant tax lien placed against her.

Last year she ended up canceling her tour because, well, no one was buying any tickets to see it.

So yeah, it’s not been the best of times for ole Iggy for awhile now.

Heck, she can’t even walk through an airport these days without a fan deking her into thinking he’s about to compliment her only to present her with a stellar burn.

As the fan approached her he asked if she was indeed Iggy Azalea, to which she mumbled something that sounds like what she does in her songs. Once he confirmed it was her he told Iggy he wanted to thank her…for ruining hip hop.

As in, this is what he said to her, “I would just like to thank you so much for ruining hip hop.”

Iggy’s stunned look would probably be a meme by now if only the video were clearer.

Wow, that’s like the verbal equivalent of going to shake someone’s hand then pulling it back and saying, “Psych!” Only it’s about 100 times funnier because it happened to Iggy Azalea.

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