Jon Bellion’s New Song, ‘Dead Man Walking,’ Is Basically an Awesome Hookup Heroes Story

From the looks of it, rising star Jon Bellion has his own to add to the mix.

This is “Dead-Man Walking,” a chill, lighthearted track that chronicles the seemingly true story of Bellion hooking up with a much-older family friend. Material aside, it's a great listen to remove yourself from that mid-afternoon melancholy. 

I am biased towards this dude because we used to go to the same basketball camp/ride the same bus to said basketball camp (it's a pretty great, e-mailing a bunch o' people filled moment when you discover that a kid you used to be pretty tight with, but haven't talked to in about a decade is on the verge of being very famous), but it doesn't take just a fanboy–or even our bus driver, Mr. Bizzle–to realize that this kid is the real deal.