Kanye West’s Favorite Noises: Proof That Kanye Utters Gibberish Over And Over

Kanye West is a lyrical genius according to Kanye West. In his own mind, he’s the second coming of Billy Shakespeare and the world wouldn’t be a special place without Kanye. With all due respect to Kanye, he has put out some great music over the years (few and far between) but he’s also been speaking absolute nonsense every time he has dropped a new track.

For our part, the fans let him get away with this and most seem to actually even like these weird Kanye noises in his songs but I’m calling shenanigans on Kanye West being a lyrical genius when he chooses to grunt instead of use his words. When I watch this video I just want to jump through my screen and shake Kanye by the shoulders while yelling ‘USE YOUR WORDS’ in his face.

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(h/t r/videos)

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