A Brief History Of Kanye West’s Many, Many Feuds

Love him or hate him, chances are good that you have an opinion on Kanye West. Some people believe that he’s one of the most influential rappers of the past 15 years, while others believe that he’s a talentless hack who has only stayed relevant by instigating feuds with other irrelevant celebrities. Personally, I love Kanye. I think his music is great, and I find his public presence to be hilarious.

Here is a brief overview of Kanye West’s many feuds with a variety of people:

Taylor Swift vs. Kanye (2009)

When Taylor Swift won MTV’s 2009 Best Female Video award, Kanye was personally offended that the award did not go to Beyoncé. Rather than keep his grievances to himself, Kanye decided to storm the stage in order to share his personal thoughts.

Instigator: Kanye West

Best Moment:

Winner: Taylor Swift

Kimmel V. Kanye (2013)

Kanye did not appreciate a skit that Jimmy Kimmel did, mocking Kanye’s interview with the BBC, which he felt belittled and offended him. Rather than back down and issue a fake apology, Jimmy Kimmel refused to back down on principle.

Instigator: Jimmy Kimmel

Best Moment:

Winner: Jimmy Kimmel

Timberlake V. Kanye (2013)

During a concert, Kanye decided to acknowledge Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s ‘Suit and Tie.’ While Kanye praised his mentor and friend Jay-Z, he felt the need to crap on Timberlake which seemed unnecessary.

Instigator: Kanye

Best Moment:

Winner: Timberlake

Deadmau5 V. Kanye (2016)

While I’d normally criticize Kanye for pirating music, I can’t help but forgive Kanye due to the hilarity of this feud. While Deadmau5 has released some great EDM music, he is a notorious twitter troll who has had this coming to him for a long time.

Instigator: Deadmau5

Best Moment:


Winner: Kanye

Wiz Khalifa V. Kanye (2016)

Wiz Khalifa sent out a tweet promoting a personal strain of weed named after him. He referred to the strain as K.K.(Khalifa Kush,) but Kanye perceived this as an attack on his wife, Kim Kardashian. Kanye West responded to this imaginary slight by going nuclear on Khalifa, and claiming that West ‘Owned your [Wiz’s] child.

Instigator: Kanye West

Best Moment:


Winner: Amber Rose