Kanye West Made A Surprise Appearance At AAHH! Fest This Weekend (Videos)

kanye west aahh festival


What’s even more surprising than Kanye West appearing unannounced at AAHH! Fest in Chicago over the weekend was the fact that there are no reports of him asking disabled people to stand up or him giving a 15 minute soliloquy on why he’s next in line to God.

Instead, as reported by Complex, what the crowd was treated to was Kanye actually just performing songs like “Jesus Walks,” “Power,” “I Don’t Like,” “Mercy,” “Gold Digger,” and “Homecoming.”

What’s even better than that is that proceeds from the event go to charity organizations with one main being the creation of 1000 year-round jobs for area youths through Common’s Common Ground Foundation.

Way to go, Kanye.

Kanye West image by Everett Collection/Shutterstock