Is This the Tracklist for Kanye West’s New Album ‘Rich Black American’?

This blew up on Twitter over the weekend, however I think it's about as authentic as that Chris Rock monologue in “Blame Game.” For one, we—and every other blog that's posted that above pic—haven't been able to find the actual source for the picture. There's a lot of phrases being thrown around like “This looks legit” or “This just showed up” but I haven't seen a single link to Twitter's Patient Zero. It's easy for fakes to go viral when there's no source. 

For another… isn't anyone able to make a playlist on iTunes that can look like this? Can't anyone create an album title that sounds just close enough to rumored former title “Black American Psycho,” include tracks that we already know will be on the album (“Perfect Bitch,” “Popular”) and guests that we also know will be there (Skrillex), or at least will plausibly be on there (Beyonce, Big Sean, Frank Ocean, Pusha T, co-partier Florence Welch), and release a screenshot to stir some shit? I mean, I wish I had thought of doing it from a fake account. Think of all the RTs!

Of course, I could be wrong. This could be a teaser to the long-awaited “MBDTF” follow-up. But I'd be very skeptical of the rumor mill.