Kaskade’s New Music Video For His Track ‘A Little More’ Will Remind You To Always See The Silver Linings In Life

There are times where you feel like the walls that hold everything together in life are crashing down and that despite your best intentions, everything has gone to shit. It happens to everyone. Some people snap out of their funks relatively quickly while others spiral into what seems like a permanent pit of “oh woe is me.”

When shit goes down in your life, take to Kaskade’s new music video for his track “A Little More” for advice:

In the Remy Cayuela directed music video, “A Little More” by Kaskade and John Dahlbäck featuring Sansa, a confused tourist who originally planned his trip to Hawaii mistakenly boards the wrong flight and winds up in Iceland. Much different than his intended destination, he struggles to find his way through the isolated town while still remaining optimistic throughout his series of unfortunate events.

Sure winding up in Iceland instead of Hawaii isn’t nearly as serious as your dog getting run over by a semi truck, but it’s how we deal with life’s setbacks that define who we are, in which case, Sansa is someone we should all strive to be like.