Here’s Katy Perry’s Fire New Olympic Hype Jam To Get You Ready To Crush That Sedentary Lifestyle Of Yours

Katy Perry dropped her new Olympic hype jam ‘Rise’ today. If anyone knows how to get athletes pumped, it’s Katy Perry. How many marathoners do you know who throw on ‘Roar’ to get moving when they hit the wall around mile 22?

Like seven? I know at least seven.

Anyway, you are neither an Olympic athlete nor a person who occasionally jogs. But, this song will certainly get you pumped to plop your ass on the couch for the weekend. I know it already has for me.

Whether you like it or not, apparently it’s going to be everywhere this Olympics, so you better just get onboard with it now.

And as with all these sporting event theme songs, we must note it pales in comparison to the 2010 World Cup one.

That song rules.

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