The Only Album You Need For The Holidays Is Kreezus, A Christmas-Themed Parody of Kanye West’s Yeezus



Look, it’s an undeniable fact that all Christmas music sucks. You can lie and say “blah blah All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is good and you’d be wrong. You’d be lying. It’s all complete and utter trash.

Except Kreezus, this brilliant parody of Kanye West’s entire Yeezus album. Yes, every song is here, each with new, Christmas-themed lyrics.

So, ‘Black Skinhead’ becomes ‘Red Head Hat.’ ‘I Am a God ‘ is now ‘I Am a Claus’ with eggnog replacing croissants. ‘New Slaves’ is obviously ‘New Sleighs.’

It’s so god damn good, and is the brainchild of Local Business Comedy and they deserve literally all the praise for this.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I’m already on my second listen.

[H/T Consequence of Sound]