Music Festivals Are Asking To See The Drugs People In The Crowd Are Taking And That’s Actually A Good Thing

The people who organize music festivals understand the crowds will be heavily intoxicated and not just on overpriced Bud Lights. Drugs are a part of the experience but organizers are trying to limit the bad trips, and trips to the hospital, at every venue.

A music festival has become the first in the UK to allow attendees to have their illegal drugs tested for strength and composition, without stopping party goers from taking the substances.

Around 200 individuals took part in the scheme at the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire over the weekend. Developed in partnership with Cambridgeshire police and local public health authorities, it aims to reduce overdose poisoning among those using drugs.

Most major festivals are offering drug testing services to ensure people are getting banged up on good stuff and not anything that will kill a horse (or person). The drug-testing service is finally becoming popular in the UK and thank god…

More than 80 “substances of concern” were assessed in the first day and a half of this year’s festival, with a quarter of them disposed of by users after they were found to be toxic or falsely sold.

Organisers said high-strength ecstasy pills were found to be in circulation, as well as multiple drugs that had been misrepresented, such as anti-malarial tablets sold as ketamine and ammonium sulphate – typically used as a fertiliser – sold as MDMA

The best part — people aren’t penalized or jailed for having the drugs so long as they stay under control while under the influence and toss out any bad stuff that might kill anyone.

[via iNews]

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