New Nickleback Song ‘I Like The Freckles On Your Feet’ Is Something Special

DJ Cummerbund is back with a new Nickelback track. And this fiery new song is something that Nickelback fans (if they even exist) and people who love hating on Nickelback should NOT miss. Is this technically a new song from Nickelback? No. But is this technically a new Nickelback song? Yes, yes it is.

This is a remix titled ‘FreckleFeet’ is the highly anticipated follow-up to ‘PantsFeet‘, a song I shared with you bros last August. Surprise guests on ‘FreckleFeet’ include Sixpence None the Richer, Ying Yang Twins, Dragonforce, and Lil Jon.

I don’t think I’m wrong in stating that ‘FreckleFeet’ is AT THE VERY LEAST a song as good as anything Nickelback has ever produced on their own. Nickelback’s a band so fucking awful that police have threatened to play the music for drunk drivers as a form of torture. In fact, the only person/thing less liked than Nickelback in 2016 was Donald Trump.

‘FreckleFeet’ is the anthem Nickleback fans deserve, and I hope they blast this proudly to let the world know they don’t give a flying fuck what the rest of us think about their favorite band.

(via DJ Cummerbund)

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