This Saxophone Player’s About To Blow Your Mind In An Unexpected Way, He Could Also Have A 2nd Career In Porn

If this dude wanted to give up his life of drinking at bars and impressing drunk people with his beatboxing saxophone skills he could probably find a second career in the adult film industry, specializing in mouth-to-junk scenes. Just from the short clip above it’s obvious that this man has no regular mouth, and he’s able to manipulate his tongue and cheeks into forming sounds that we normal mouthers would never be capable of. Even after weeks of intensive mouth exercise and tongue boot camp I’d never be able to spit hot (sax) fire like this man.

I’ll just go ahead and say it, because I know we’re all thinking it: this man is the LeRoi Moore (may he rest in peace) of air sax. If there was a Dave Matthews Band cover band air band then this man could slip right into the role of the late, great LeRoi Moore.

I also can’t help but wonder how many panties this dude’s drenched by playing the ‘Pink Panther’ song on his air sax. He’s probably the Don Juan of Air Sax.

[via Reddit]