Taylor Swift Brought The World Cup Champion USWNT On Stage In NYC, It Was Everything

The USWNT’s parade rolled on last night, from the streets of Manhattan to the stage of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 World Tour’ at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ (basically NYC for all intents and purposes, though).

During Taylor Swift’s second night taking over the sold-out stadium shared by the Giants and Jets, she brought out an array of special people, none more heralded at the moment than the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team fresh off of a 2015 World Cup victory.

The entire team hit the stage last night during T.Swift’s fucking electric banger ‘Style,’ and I’m literally surprised the entire stadium didn’t just spontaneously combust from all the hotness. Oh yeah, Heidi Klum was on stage at the time, too.

(Video of the FULL song in its entirety is below, because I know you want to listen)

That’s about 100 billion fire emojis for you. Wow.

Taylor Swift does it again. The ‘1989 World Tour’ rolls on, and clearly, it can’t be stopped. Penultimate celebrity gala at the moment. Get there if you can. The girl puts on a SHOW.


T.Swift or die!

And another congratulations to the USWNT. Awesome stuff, girls.

Editor’s Note: After last night, I’m honestly ready for Taylor to announce her presidential candidacy already. Girl hits 1M likes on Instagram on the reg these days.

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