Taylor Swift Is The New Pablo Escobar, Brings In More Money A Day Than You’ll See In Your Life

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At the height of his empire, Pablo Escobar’s cocaine smuggling ring brought him 60 million dollars a day. There was so much money coming in they didn’t know what to do with it. They buried half of it.

Escobar was murdered in 1993, and since then, the world has waited for someone with the same ruthless business sensibilities and addictive wares to arrive.

Enter Taylor Swift. Instead of sweet cocaine, she peddles saccharine pop. But the people eat it up nonetheless.

According to an MSN report, every single day this year, Taylor Swift has made at least $1,000,000. A milli a day, for $365 million in 2015. Not quite Escobar territory, but she’s only 25, and I imagine her ambition is no less grand.

Fuck that’s a lot of money.

[Via Business Insider]