This Acoustic Version of ‘Clarity’ by Zedd Totally Makes You Forget You’ve Heard it a Million Times

In the 9 months since the single was originally released, Zedd's lead single Clarity has taken over Top 40 radio airwaves, much to the dismay of dance music fans across the country.  What started as everyone's favorite song became the focus of about 4 trillion remixes from every producer ever and their mother before mainstream radio got a hold of it and played it at least 7 times a day. While I promised myself that I would never post another Clarity-related piece of content as long as I lived, this acoustic cover from Matthew Koma, one of the track's writers, actually gave me some respect back for the song that it was missing so badly. For those that don't know, additional songwriters of the hugely successful commercial hit also include Porter Robinson & Skylar Grey.

[H/T: LiveForTheDrop]