Tiffany Trump Dropped A Synthpop Club Track And I’m Not Going To Lie, It’s A Lot Better Than I Expected

Tiffany Trump is Donald Trump’s other blonde daughter, the one who is able to live in relative obscurity due to the massive shadow cast by her famous sister Ivanka. Last night Tiffany gave a pretty spectacular speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. It was really my first look at Tiffany Trump in the spotlight, and you could tell she was nervous (and that her speech was curated by a panel of experts), but you definitely got the sense that she’d been groomed throughout her entire life to handle a situation like that and that she has the stones to spend her life in the public eye. That speech, like the song above which was actually released back in 2014, both exceeded my expectations for her. I think there’s something about her looking like Miley Cyrus that throws off my expectations…I can’t really explain it.

My boy Matt Keohan actually covered Tiffany Trump here on BroBible back in December, sharing photos of her in a bikini, and it’s obvious that Tiffany also has the swimsuit body to make it as a model-singer if that’s the route she wants to take in life. I guess it’ll be interesting to see what the trajectory of Tiffany Trump’s career is after this election wraps up in November, because while I think this club track is definitively not good I do think that she’s got the capital (and social capital) to get into the recording studio with people who could make her not suck so hard.

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