I’ve Said It Once And I’ll Say It Again: This 16-Year-Old Is The Future Of Rap, The Second Coming Of Eminem



Everyone wants to talk about ‘the next Eminem’ because he’s the industry standard for how great a white rapper can be. It’s natural to make those comparisons any time a young white rapper comes along, but 99.99% of the time it’s bullshit and people are doing it for clicks. I’ve posted on this kid before, a 16-year-old rapper by the name of Token, and I still genuinely believe that he’s go the speed and talent to claim the throne as ‘the next Eminem’.

Token’s just dropped a new video/track titled ‘Still No Sucka MCs (Pickman Park)’ and it’s better than his debut track, a song I posted on back in October. Call me a jackass and an idiot for making the Eminem comparisons, call me whatever you want. Just do me a favor and watch Token’s new video before making up your mind and THEN we can talk:

He spits straight FIYAH. This kid’s the truth. If you don’t believe that then you’re just straight up lying to yourself.

To keep up with the latest from Token you can follow him on social media by following any and every one of the links below:

Twitter: @tokenhiphop
Instagram: @tokenhiphop
Facebook: TokenHipHop

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