The Top 5 Artists To See At Mysteryland This Year


Mysteryland USA

With Mysteryland 2015 quickly approaching, we here at BroBible thought we’d help out excited festival-goers with a quick top 5 artists you NEED to see at Mysteryland this year. Once you make your way to the end of this list and realize that your life this summer won’t be complete without having gone to Mysteryland, you can click here to purchase tickets!

1. Diplo


Do you like watching girls twerk their butts off on stage? Do you like it when DJ’s mix rap music with house music during their set? Then you’ll probably die from excitement when you see Diplo live. The above track doesn’t do what this man does in front of a crowd justice, and the only way you’ll experience it is if you get your butt over to his stage at Mysteryland this year.


2. Moon Boots


Moon Boots is one of dance music’s new up-and-comers, meaning that if you check out his set this year you can brag to all your friends about how you saw him play live BEFORE he was popular, which’ll probably be about a year from now. Who doesn’t like saying “I told you so”? No one, that’s who, and that’s what you’ll be saying to people when they finally start listening to Moon Boots and you bring up the fact that you knew he’d be big wayyy before they did.


3. Gramatik


By the time Gramatik was 13 he was already producing hip-hop beats, and considering he’s now 30 that means he’s got over 15 years of music production experience under his belt. You know what that translates to? An incredible live performance, obviously.




Have you ever been to a live trap show? Because if you haven’t, then you don’t know what it’s really like to go to a festival and see people REALLY going ham. I can’t say any more than that without ruining it for you, but CRNKN will be one of those sets where you hear people saying “Did you see that one girl do that one thing during CRNKN’s set?” throughout the rest of the weekend.


5. Gent & Jawns


Back in early 2012 Gent & Jawns worked with Diplo on his Express Yourself EP, and did you see who’s at the top of this list? Diplo. If Diplo consults with Gent & Jawns about the type of music he’s making, then you KNOW they’re bound to kill it at Mysteryland this year.

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