Vulfpeck’s New Track ‘Dean Town’ Is So Funky That You’ll Be Covered In Disco Dirt After Just One Listen

Disco dirt. You know the feeling, you just don’t know the terms. A nightlife-loving cousin to disco chest, disco discharge, and disco dick, disco dirt is the “the sweat, funk, smoke, spilled beer, mystery stickiness, lipstick and just general crap one gets on oneself coated in after a night out clubbing and/or out with the crew.”

Disco dirt is what I was covered in a few weeks ago when I had my face funky-ducked wide open by popping my Vulfpeck cherry at Brooklyn Bowl. Like many nights out to see live music in NYC, a proper cold shower was needed after all that dancing.

A long-time fan of the Ann Arbor-born band, their dance anthems are a much-needed throwback to the soulfulness of ’70s. Joe Dart is one of the raunchiest bass players in a younger generation of great live bands. Theo Katzman is dizzying on the stage — he’s a madman going from drums to guitar. Jack Stratton and Woody Goss on keys.  If you’ve not caught live, you’re missing out. Just ask critically-acclaimed movie star Paul Dano.

Vulfpeck is all set to independently release their new album, The Beautiful Game, on Monday, October 17th via Kickstarter. To hype the release, today Vulf dropped a track called “Dean Town” that will get your heart racing like a lab rat on a diet of saccharin.

I can listen to Joe Dart sprinkle Jaco Pastorius spirit sauce all over that thick, chunky disco groove all day.


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