Waka Flocka’s Commercial For Pine Brothers Cough Drops Is Everything


Pine Bros

Per usual, the American Music Awards were awful. Sure, Taylor Swift was ex-girlfriend crazy and Kate Beckinsale was looking hot per usual, but any award show that claims One Direction as the best artist of the year is garbage and a waste of time. Did I mention Pitbull was hosting?”

If you were like me and watching Giants-Cowboys, you missed this incredible commercial from Waka Flocka Flame for Pine Bros Cough Drops. It aired during the AMAs. The message is clear: Smoking weeds = sore throats. Sore throats = Cough drops. The more weed we collectively smoke, the more money Pine Bros makes from its cough drops. Having Waka Flocka as a spokesperson just makes sense.

I love how the free market works.

And it drove Twitter into a frenzy.


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