Check Out What Happened When This Guy Ate Nothing But ‘Healthy’ Fast Food For A Week

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Ate Healthy Fast Food For Week


Is there really such a thing as “healthy” fast food? See what happened when a guy ate nothing but so-called “healthy” fast food options from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts and Chick-fil-A for an entire week.

The brave man you are about to see in the video for Tech Insider below is named Kevin Reilly. Kevin noticed that because of America’s obesity problem many fast food customers have been moving towards restaurants with healthier menus, and in turn, many traditional fast food chains are adding healthier items to those menus.

Because of all that, Kevin decided to see what would happen if he at nothing but these “healthy” menu items at every meal for an entire week.

Turns out that after doing this for a week he ended up losing six-and-a-half pounds. Great, right? Well… maybe not.

“On a normal day, I’m eating around 2,500 calories. An adult man should be having about 2,400 to 2,600 calories a day,” says Kevin in the video. “But on this fast food plan, my calories plummeted. Most of these meals came in under 400 calories, and that was one of my first problems. I’d eat and just a couple hours later, I was starving. And I had days when I didn’t eat more than 1,000 calories.”

That sounds… unpleasant.

Also, while he really enjoyed the grilled chicken market salad from Chick-fil-A, a lot of the other salads from places like Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s often contained 50 percent of the salt that he needed for the entire day… from a salad.

Then, in an effort to not feel like he was starving he turned to Taco Bell’s al Fresco menu, which was great. He felt full, finally. Unfortunately, just one burrito had almost as much salt as he needed for the entire day.

So, as he says, “If I wanted to keep the sodium down, I was starving. If I wanted to feel full, salt through the roof.”

Well, at least his meals were cheap, right? Wrong. Every healthy option was expensive, and BONUS, they left all left him hungry to boot.

The one bright spot? egg-white-and-cheese breakfast sandwiches covered in spinach and peppers at Subway. Other than that, he says he would not recommend following this type of diet to anyone.

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