Add ‘The Finisher’ To The End Of Your Workout And See Almost Immediate Results

The Finisher Workout Routine


How do you end a workout? Do you pretend to do some crunches even though you’re incredibly exhausted? Do you run/walk on a treadmill while daydreaming about a recovery shake? Do you wander around the gym because you feel like you’ve got to do “one more thing” just to put in more time?

Men’s Journal has a much better suggestion than all of those half-assed ideas. Add a quick HICT or HIIT training to the end of the workout, and the results will be almost immediate.

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Dubbed “The Finisher,” this 5-minute routine will kick you in the teeth (and probably the gut) and add an extra level of intensity to end your workout strong. Plus you can skip the boring ab machines and avoid the treadmill.

The Finisher is

  • jumping jacks
  • lizard hops
  • side shuffles
  • medicine ball slams
  • sprinter sit-ups

Perform each exercise as fast as you can for 30 seconds (while still keeping good form) then immediately transitioning to the next exercise. Do all five exercises for two rounds and a total of five minutes.

The Finisher will finish you off and end every workout on a positive and exhausting note.

For a complete explanation and demonstrations on each exercise, check out the full article on Men’s Journal.

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