Study Finds Those Who Exercise Regularly Are Happier, And Make More Money, Than Those Who Don’t

by 8 months ago
Study People Exercise Happier Make More Money


If you’re not entirely happy with your life, regular exercise may be the key to your success, according to research. A new survey of 2,000 Americans examined the correlation between physical activity levels and lifestyle impacts and found that those who make exercise a regular habit are happier and make more money than those who do not.

Quite a bit more money, in fact, with those who say they exercise regularly making $74,000 on average, and those who say they never exercise making only $49,000 in comparison. That’s a whopping $25,000 difference.

The new study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of fitness app Freeletics, surveyed 1,000 people who regularly exercise and 1,000 people who sometimes or never exercise in order to examine the overall impact a regular exercise routine can have on your life.

What it found was that exercise can have just as big an effect on your bank account as it can on your health and well-being.

The results also split the 1,000 respondents who regularly exercise by how they described their typical workout and it revealed that those who have a higher intensity workout tend to be more well-off in the salary department as well.

If you consider yourself somebody who typically does a low-intensity workout, throwing some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions into your normal routine could stand to net you an extra $13,000 a year on average, according to the data.

Those who said they typically do low-intensity workouts make $54,000 on average, compared to medium-intensity exercisers who make $67,000, and high-intensity exercisers who make an average of $83,000.

But money isn’t the only area of your life that can benefit from regular exercise, because, according to the results, those who say they exercise regularly also have more sex.

In fact, 34 percent of those who regularly exercise have sex several times a week, compared to just 15 percent of those who never work out. One in four of those who never work out also never have sex. Compare that to just one in 20 who exercise often.

Attitude and mentality are further aspects of life that are greatly affected by a regular exercise routine, with those who exercise regularly being more likely to consider themselves confident, goal-oriented, and risk-takers.