The Rock Posted An Upper Body Workout Routine To Instagram That Will Melt Your Pecs Off

The Rock Upper Body Workout

@therock / Instagram

There are hundreds of reasons to follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Instagram.

Most of those reasons involve his inspirational and motivational posts about exercises.

Even his cheat days posts are pretty damn epic.

The Rock shared a post-July 4th upper body workout that’s making me sweat, and I’m miles away from the gym.

The star of the upcoming Fast & Furious spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw explained his thought process behind making the film and hitting the weights.

“My killer HOBBS & SHAW giant set. Push past pain into progress.

My goal with @HobbsAndShaw was to create a new, cool, bad ass, fun and exciting franchise for the global audience. And in order to do that you gotta commit to being an absolute beast on all levels – ready to disrupt, raise the bar and change the game.

Remember when you intensely push yourself physically and mentally past barriers, the efficacy transcends your immediate goals into something much greater.”

Men’s Health covers all of The Rock’s moves for those curious about trying this at home (or at their own gym.) –

The workout finds The Rock tearing off three full minutes of upper body mayhem.

First, he hits seated cable flies, complete with a full count pec squeeze and hold to increase the time spent under tension to stimulate even more muscle growth.

Next comes a seated row, again with ample holds at the top of the movement, using MH Fitness Award-winning Rot8 handles to better isolate the back muscles targeted by the exercise.

Then, he strides over to the dip station for one of his favorite drop sets with a chain, adding a push to all the pulling.

To cap off the set, he does a chest-supported row to finish with another nasty back pull exercise.

And if you’re a glutton for more punishment, cap off the workout with Johnson’s “hellish bicep exercise” and plan on spending the rest of the week in recovery.


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