The Rock Shared His Cheat Day Meals On Instagram And His Caloric Intake Would Put Most Of Us Into A Food Coma

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Whether he’s giving inspirational speeches, sharing throwback videos about goalsetting filmed before becoming the most recognizable star on the planet, or posting “hellish” workouts online, The Rock is incredibly motivational.

His latest Instagram posts encourage people to cheat on their eating plans once in a while. The actor posted his cheat meals for the day, and just like everything The Rock does, the plates of food are jaw-dropping and intense.

Here’s The Rock’s lunch on his Sunday cheat day.

“Sunday cheat meal train rolls on down the line.

Two fat 8oz double cheeseburgers with bacon and fries.

Double shot of my new tequila – chilled

I have a big shoot in the gym tomorrow for my next @projectrock @underarmour collection.

In a crazy science, these cheat meals tonight should actually help my physique come in with a more fuller pump and vascularity for tomorrow’s shoot.

Or maybe I’m just looking for more excuses to drink my tequila and eat like shit

Enjoy your cheat meals my friends.”

God damn those burgers look insane.

Later in the day, The Rock posted a photo of his dessert and let’s just say it was ALL THE DESSERTS.

All of them.

“Midnight sugar train leaves the station.

Brownies, blondies, peanut butter, chocolate chip and double chocolate cookies.

With a fat slice of a cheesecake chaser.

Now subvert all this sugar glory with a great Ken Burns documentary on PROHIBITION and we have ourselves a helluva party.

Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself and enjoy your cheat meals my friends.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard the term “cheesecake chaser” in my life.

All of this food is fine if you’re some who works as hard in the gym as The Rock, but Men’s Health warns that cheating this excessively isn’t the best idea.

“Johnson might refer to the ‘crazy science’ of cheat days as reason to indulge, but the truth isn’t quite so simple. In fact, the idea that a cheat day can actually help boost your metabolism is a misconception.

“Eating more to burn more isn’t quite how things work,” nutritionist Chris Mohr previously told Men’s Health. “Your metabolism does increase after you eat, but if you binge on 1,000 calories worth of pizza or brownies, your metabolism doesn’t ramp up to burn 1,500 calories to handle what you just consumed.”

If you’re going to take The Rock’s advice on cheating, go for it, but maybe just do as he suggests and not precisely what he does.

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