‘The Mountain’ From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is A Bad, Bad Man, Deadlifts 970 Pounds Like It’s NBD

by 9 months ago
Thor Bjornsson Mountain Deadlift 970 Pounds

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Thor Bjornsson, AKA “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones, is not of this world. The 29-year-old actor slash weightlifter slash strongman can do things that 99.9 percent of us mere mortals wouldn’t even dream of trying.

Dude has finished second three times and third three more times in the annual World’s Strongest Man competition and won the Europe’s Strongest Man contest three times with one second place finish.

Back in May of 2015, we were super-impressed when Hugh Jackman joined the 1,000-pound club after a 410-pound deadlift.

Then in February of 2017, we were absolutely gobsmacked when “The Mountain” deadlifted an absurd 727 pounds.

Turns out that was nothing. Nothing I tell you!

While training for the 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic, the big man from Iceland went full cyborg and deadlifted an astounding 970 POUNDS. And it didn’t even look that hard for him.

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