10 Things We Want This Week


Hello, friends and others who have clicked into this article. It’s mid-July, it’s hotter than a clay oven outside and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to get dehydrated playing sports outside. As always, send worthy items to kyle AT brobible DOTCOM.





Brubag Set, $55


Spice up your next barbecue with a new lawn game equal parts Cornhole and beer pong. What a brilliant idea. This is just like the time someone combined peanut butter and chocolate.

The lightweight set is easy to travel with and quick to set up — which is great because the last thing anyone ever wants to do is add construction to their drinking.

Mizuno Bamboo Elite MZE243, $90


Any Bro who has ever played in a recreational baseball league knows there is nothing more aggravating than buying a wooden bat and having it break within a few games. In addition to feeling like less of a man, you’re out big money and are still batless.

But that heartache is becoming a thing of the past thanks to bamboo.

I took this bad boy to a batting cage and dropped some jaws by hitting frozen rope after frozen rope. The ball seemed to jump off the barrel and even when something crazy happened and I made awkward contact, it stayed intact.

OK, I didn’t hit rope after rope. But I did seem like a competent athlete.

Pandas are definitely onto something. This bat rules. It also comes with a 120-day warranty.

Piece of mind is an incredible thing.

Thug Kitchen book, $19


If you like your food with a side of profanity, this is the book for you. The blog is delightful and the text promises to be stacked with recipes for stuff you’ll actually eat.

Use the helpful tips to impress your mom and prove, hey, you can live on your own. Just don’t let her open the book up. She doesn’t know you have such blue tastes.

Wilson Pro Staff Tennis Racket, $230


If the only thing standing between you and a tennis game like Roger Federer’s is inferior equipment, prepare to have your prayers answered. This Autograph series job delivers the precise feel Federer demands and boasts a sweet spot large enough for your most immobile aunt. It would be irresponsible to suggest you’ll win a major with this racket but a quarterfinals berth seems like a lock.

The Coolest Cooler, Kickstarter phase

How many times have you been out at the bench and wondered why your stupid cooler doesn’t play music? Hundreds? Thousands? What if you never had to wonder again?

That’s the thought behind this bad boy.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker? Check. USB port to charge your phone so that honey you just texted will be able to reach you? Double check.

Every self-respecting Bro needs one of these STAT.

Bee Electric Scooter, N/A


Commuting to work sucks. You’re going some place you have no desire to go. It would suck less if you could do it on a badass scooter. This one surely fits the bill.

’47 Brand The Dude Hat, $30


Hypercolor is back with a vengeance. Support your team while literally standing out in the crowd. I could definitely see Justin Bieber wearing one of these. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Jung Maven Hemp Shirt, $20



Mustard is my favorite condiment. Anyone who agrees should buy this shirt. The mustard faction in this country has been silent for far too long.

 Zepp Golf Sensor, $150


Want to instantly analyze your golf swing? Whether it was a remarkable shot or disappeared in the woods, this in-glove sensor provides immediate feedback. Learn from your mistakes, or bask in the glory of a gorgeous follow through.

Free idea: someone should make one of these, but for sex.

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey, Priceless


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