A Basketball Shoe to Improve Any Bro’s Game, Plus 10 Things We Want This Week

J.Crossover White

We’ve come to the end of another work week and there are still things I want, but do not own. Let’s fix that. Send your ideas-products-life questions to KYLE AT BROBIBLE dotcom.

J. Crossover by BrandBlack, $140



My main complaint with basketball shoes is their bulkiness. How can I be expected to showcase my Zach LaVine-like vertical when I have a pair of cinder blocks tethering me to Earth? It sucks. It’s a terrible thing to cage a bird.

Enter BrandBlack and their J. Crossover. Specifically designed and engineered for Los Angeles Clippers sharpshooter Jamal Crawford, these puppies will hug your puppies in the most loving way imaginable. They’re even perfect for dudes with skinny ankles — like me and Jamal. Featuring a badass insole and insanely breathable material, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them when you spot up for an open three-pointer.

Yasiel Puig shirt, $28


Yasiel Puig is the most exciting player in the Major Leagues and seems to actively try to piss off the old, stodgy crowd. As such, he should be appreciated. And what better way than with this shirt? The simple act of wearing it lets people know that you look to the future and don’t dwell on the past. I imagine every baseball fan outside of San Francisco would like like to try this baby on.

Crab Mate, still in Kickstarter phase


A few months ago, I moved out of the city and into a mountainous region where the main form of exercise is hiking. And let me tell you that nothing screams CITY BOY like not having the proper tools to complete rigorous outdoor activity. Honestly, I feel like less of a man when I’m bereft of a carabiner or hex wrench. That’s what is so compelling about the Crab Mate, a 10-tool-in-one product aimed at better preparing Bros.

Would love to get my hands on one of these. Might be a literal life-saver.

Ciroc Amaretto, $35


Looking for something a little different in your vodka? How about a little Amaretto? It’s as fun to drink as it is to say. It’s creamy, sweet and you can impress your friends by identifying just a touch of marzipan — if you have the kind of friends who won’t mock you for knowing about marzipan.

Beats By Dre headphones, $300


Yes, this brand isn’t exactly new. But I defy you to find another company who had a better month. First we had news of this mega deal with Apple. Then they went ahead and released possibly the best commercial of all time in advance of the World Cup. So, yeah. I guess I want a pair of $300 headphones now. Congratulations on wearing me down.

Speedo Bag, $119


Sure, it’s just a conduit to carry your sweaty shit around, but to the eye, it is so much more. If there’s something this bag can’t carry, I am blissfully unaware of it.

Brute Box Cooler, $229


It’s summertime, which means keeping beer ice-cold is a challenge. Luckily, there’s a cooler specifically designed to make sure ice remains in its current state for five days. That’s right, five days. If you’re at a musical festival for five days, the LEAST of your problems is going to be your beverage temps. Plus, it sort of looks like a tackle box so it should be right at home on any boat.

Escape Mobile Cabin, $79,000


This is the way to get away from it all without taking on the pesky realities of property maintenance. Sure, it might be out of your price range, but it’s a goddamn mobile cabin. You don’t need a second selling point.

 Alexander McQueen jacket, $975


High end meets a guy who would be doing drugs in the alley. Pretty much all one can ask for in a jacket.

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