A 3D Printer You Can Actually Buy! Plus 10 Things We Want


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Micro 3D Printer, $300

If this thing works like promised, it’s going to be incredible: the Micro is the world’s first consumer 3D printer that promises a seamless design and an interface that even I, a man incapable of even comprehending the idea of 3D printing, might be able to use. “Just plug in the printer, download or create models, hit print, and watch your custom creations form right before your eyes,” the Kickstarter reads. Needless to say, it’s been fully funded.

Ashworth Majors Collection, $100


JUST in time for the Masters, Augusta mainstay Fred Couples unveiled a new Ashworth shirt this week as part of the brand’s “Major” line. (Other themed polos will be released around the Opens and the PGA Championship.)

Ashworth is sometimes unfairly stereotyped as your granddad’s golf shirt, but this white-and-green design is a timeless look, and it’s cut for a modern fit. Also, Freddie threw out a 71 in the polo yesterday. So that’s something.

Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia, $26


If you’re thinking of doing more in the great outdoors this spring than day drinking—not that there’s anything wrong with that—you can do worse than to pick up the fifth edition of the Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia. It will teach you to kayak, shoot things with a bow and arrow, kill moose, and not fish without a license. Read it, cherish it, use it to outrun the bear chasing you.

First Aid Kits from Best Made Company, $48


Also good if you decide to go outdoors.

Dick Tie, $30

Class makes you a man. It’s the way you wear your hat, as Frank Sinatra was apt to say. It’s timeless style.

The Dick Tie is currently available on Kickstarter at the low price $30 a tie. Its crafters promise a wardrobe accoutrement that’s “bold, yet subtle,” with a 100% silk makeup in pink, black, or patterned styles. Buy the dick tie and be your office’s big swinging… guy. Or gift it! I hear Father’s Day is just around the corner!

Wilson Smart Basketball, $TBA


Wilson is shrouding this product in secrecy (sort of), but here’s what we know: This holiday season, you’ll be able to play with a sensor-studded ball that beams to a smartphone your shooting percentage and, by tracking your movement, a real-time heat map. It’s made for solo practices, although don’t count out Nick Young trying to use its swaggy capabilities in a game.

Cobra Electronics iRAD, $100


This detection system warns drivers when they’re being hit with a radar gun, and it crowdsources information on where speed traps and road blocks are located. I’m not sure how it’s legal either!

Cover App, $Free


I have an internal clock of dread every time I go to dinner in a party of, like, eight. Because when things start to wind down, this conversation will inevitably happen: How much do we owe? It’s… it’s that much? They don’t take card? Okay, I’m gonna run to the ATM… you’ll just cover mine? Cool, you’ll put $52 on your card and he’ll put $30 and agh FUCK IT. FUCK THIS WHOLE THING.

Anyway, Cover promises to eliminate that 20 minute ordeal with a simple system. Before you enter a restaurant—in just Manhattan or Brooklyn for now—you create a table with the app and tell the server you’ll be dining with Cover. He’ll allegedly know what to do. Then when it comes time to pay, your bill is automatically split (with tip).

It’s genius. I just wish it were more prevalent than a few nice restaurants in New York.

New Balance M890BOS4 Limited Editions, $120


With the Boston Marathon in just under a week, New Balance released this limited-edition shoe, designed as a tribute to supporters and competitors of the marathon. It features a map of Massachusetts on the forefoot, and, of course, the classic features of a high-end New Balance running shoe—including a light makeup and shock-absorbing crash pad.

GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV, $TBA


You may not think you want an RV.

But you definitely want an RV, specifically this RV: the GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV, which features custom exterior lighting, a walk-through bathroom, a huge lounge, a solar power system, and “marine-grade hardware” (I don’t know what that means!). Smart control iOS software manages everything electronic, and a washer and dryer were even managed to be fit in. “Style and craftsmanship are blended uniquely together in the CR-1 Carbon to pave way for unprecedented luxury standards and options,” the builders say, “making camping more glamorous.”

Somewhere, John Madden just wet himself.