Prepare To Conquer The World! Age Of Empires IV Trailer Released

by 2 years ago

One more move. Just one more move. The next thing you know, you’ve played the course of decades in Age of Empires and your Ottoman empire is crumbling and the sun is coming up. The highly addictive historical real-time strategy game is releasing a new chapter in the Age of Empires franchise. Microsoft announced that Age of Empires IV is coming with an exciting new trailer. It will be the first new Age of Empires game in a decade, when Age of Empires III was released in 2005.

The trailer for Age of Empires IV doesn’t provide a whole lot of details and no gameplay video, but it promises that “empires will rise, kingdoms will fall.” The game is currently in development for Windows 10 PC. Microsoft did not provide a release date or even what season or quarter Age of Empires IV would debut.

Previous Age of Empires games featured different eras: Stone/Classical period, Middle Ages, and colonial period. Age of Empires IV looks like there will be a variety of time periods as well as several militaries such as Native Americans on horseback, Japanese Samurai, British Redcoats, and Roman legions, much like the RTS game Civilization.

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