Red, White And Grill This Weekend With This Sweet AF American Flag Spatula

Memorial Day is upon us and millions of grills across the country will be more fired up than your gonorrhea in the summer swelter.

If you’re firing up the char pit this weekend, the proper tools are essential but…super boring. You’ve got to bring the spirit of America to your outdoor utensils with this American Flag spatula.

Hand fabricated by one of the oldest and most-respected cutlery manufacturers in the United States using energy harvested from Massachusetts’ Deerfield River, the Star Spangled Spatula pays homage to the USA’s stars and stripes, as well as our country’s love affair with outdoor grilling.

Crafted of solid walnut and stainless steel, the spatula’s use of quality materials, along with its patriotic vernacular, make it a pop design classic. It is perfect for any backyard barbecue and will last a lifetime.